Experience the electrifying energy of "Unleash the Beast!" - a dynamic and skillful street show that captivates audiences of all ages. This high-octane performance features a talented musician who crafts his own percussion instruments inspired by the vibrant culture of Brazil, saxophone, pianoforte and vocals.

"Unleash the Beast!" is a unique showcase created and performed by an independent artist hailing from Estonia.

Having graced stages across Europe, including festivals in Germany (Hamburg, Augsburg, Braunschweig), Switzerland, Slovakia, and Romania, this show transcends borders with its universal rhythm and appeal. Join the rhythm that knows no age boundaries, and let "Unleash the Beast!" bring the joy of music to the streets!

Unleash the Beast!

Unleash the Beast! show

I perform on an amplified saxophone with various effects. Drumming involves using an amplified bucket, frying pan, and carbon fiber percussion. I juggle between playing the saxophone and drumming, pianoforte, vocals and playing with the crowd. I use a loop station to create compositions. I work on dance party music. This is my application video for the Gwangju Busking WorldCup 2024 in South Korea.

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As an international artist, I'm just a call away from bringing the rhythm to your world. Ready to disco and dazzle with saxophone and percussion magic! 🎷🥁 Let's turn your moments into a musical masterpiece!